Dressmaking and Sewing

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Group Leader: Needed please!

Email: Dressmaking

Meet: Friday at 5pm

Location:  Oliva Old Town;address on application


Dressmaking and Sewing Skills

This is a small gathering of members who meet in a house in the Old Town and support each other with sewing skills.

There is a sewing machine handy and the wisdom of a few can help others to learn new skills.  there is also a lot of chatting going one.

So if you would like to come along and learn more about this craft, as well as pick up a few new Spanish words, then please do contact us.

It is an informal group and attendance every week is not necessary but courtesy to let the other know is important.Although this a self supporting group, we could do with someone to coordinate the meets, if you would like to keep the group going.

Hope to see you there.

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