We ask a simple question and that is all we wish; Are all fisherman liars or do only liars fish?

William Sherwood Fox

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Leader: Paul Clay

Email: Fishing

Telephone:  +4474850250393

Deputy Leader: Wanted

Meet at Oliva TBA

Meeting Dates: TBA

Is this you?

Even though I can turn my hand to most aspects of fishing (Coarse, Sea and Game), I would be concentrating on the Coarse type.

If members wanted to pursue other avenues of fishing, then I suggested that someone with that particular interest take up the mantle and handle it within the section as a whole.

The section is to be set up for the enjoyment of members and to learn from others the enjoyment of fishing. There are to be no serious ‘match’ style format, apart from ‘friendly’ competitions if required between ourselves.

I aim to arrange the first trip out, sometime early Spring in the vicinity of Gandia/Oliva.

If someone has not got any fishing tackle, I have no problem with sharing mine on the day.

Same with transport, hopefully we can assist or ‘car share’ with each other to reduce any costs involved.

I aim to run the section without much mention of finance. Apart from the personal outlay on bait, tackle, etc., I see no reason to involve any money at all.

I aim to organise a second meeting in Oliva towards the end of February. I will send details and publish them via the U3A web page when finalised.

If you would like to join the group, it is not too late - either reply to this email or contact Paul directly



Asst Group Coordinator.

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