Debating Group

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Leader: Kelvin Jarman

Email: Debate

Telephone: +44 79 481 487 10 

Deputy Leader:

Meeting Dates: Every other Tuesday at   10.30, starting 8th October   at the CPC

Welcome to the proposed new group - Debating!

We are proposing a new debating group.

The general idea is to meet every 2 weeks.

At each meeting two people will be selected to debate for and against a proposal at the next meeting.

Each will have 3 minutes to put forward their ideas and a further 3 minutes to rebut.

After that, the proposal is opened to the floor. Following general discussion, a vote is taken and the results declared.

Benefits of a debating group include:

1) Arrange your ideas and arguments in a logical manner.

2) Learn to make them succinct!

3) Learn to appreciate others' points of view.

4) Speak in public - albeit to a few fellow members.

Proposals could be anything from serious matters of the day to who is better - Cliff Richard or Justin Bieber!

So why not come along and have a debate?

Please contact Kelvin to register.

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