IT workshops and Drop-in sessions

Leader: Kelvin Jarman

Email: IT Workshops & Drop-Ins


Telephone:   +44 79 481 487 10 (use Whatsapp if possible for free calls)

Meet at: C.P.C in Oliva

Meeting Dates: Tuesday 10.30am: (see description if you cannot make it on Tuesdays)

Summer Fayre.

As you know, the 'Showcase' is being replaced this June with a Summer Fayre - a more interactive experience! The idea is that as many groups as possible will having, in effect, a group meeting on tables scattered around the room, with occasional displays by the various dancing, singing etc. groups.

I won't be here this year, so I am asking you if you could do something in my absence? Maybe sit at a table with your laptops and talk about putting pictures into Word, or play Angry Birds?

I have also be charged with putting together a video for projection onto a screen, of various pictures from the different groups. I would like to incorporate video if possible - Rayne, Wilma, can you let me have a few minutes of what you have done?

Many thanks, see you tomorrow.

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