Computer & Program Support

Leader: Kelvin Jarman

Email: Comp & Program support


Telephone:   +44 79 481 487 10 (use Whatsapp if possible for free call.

Deputy Leader: Rayne van Sing

Meet at Oliva CPC

Meeting Dates: Tuesday 10.30am: (see description if you cannot make it on Tuesdays)

Is this you?

The new sessions will be starting nest Tuesday 1st October.

Can I ask everyone who may be interested in finding new ways of cursing and screaming at their computer, tablet or phone to register your interest by emailing me please?

Last year we discussed transferring pictures from tablets and phones, editing and saving them, with help on files and folders, then moved on to some basic video editing, Word and Excel, FaceBook, etc.

If you have any specific needs, please suggest them!

Look forward to starting again soon,


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