IT workshops and Drop-in sessions

Leader: Kelvin Jarman

Email: IT Workshops & Drop-Ins

Telephone:   +44 79 481 487 10 (use Whatsapp if possible for free calls)

Meet at: C.P.C in Oliva

Meeting Dates: Tuesday 10.30am: see description if you cannot make it on tuesdays)

Hello all IT is on its way

After asking members what they would most like to be able to do, that they can’t, Oliva U3A is now happy to tell you about some workshops and support to help you. The workshops are to be held in a café. please support the café with a huge thank you by purchasing your drinks and snacks.

The variety and depth of the subjects does mean all cannot be covered in one session. But please read on as there are some golden nuggets at the end about on tap one–one help.

Kelvin is happy to work with phones, Ipads or laptops. You will need to make sure you have all the leads required, i.e, your phone’s data cable (which is not the charging cable) memory sticks, cd’s etc. if required.

As an informal group, you can drop in and out of the offered sessions and just go to the ones you would like, but to save Kelvin’s time and fuel, you need to let him know if you plan to attend each week. I’m sure he can set up an email or messaging system to make that easy. It’s important that you keep in touch in case he needs you to bring specific items for a session or the venue may change depending on the topic and responses (or offers of a venue).

This is the plan so far: (and further topics will be added if requested or an additional ‘drop in’ will be arranged)

If you can’t make the workshop check the golden nuggets at the bottom.

       Weekly Lessons to include

  1. 12th Feb Photos: 1 How to download images to your devices. How to save them correctly, labelling/numbering into folders. How to store you images in ‘the cloud
  2. 19th Feb Photos: 2 How to edit photos; crop, resize, change colour,
  3. 26th Feb Photos: 3 Using your images: how to send in emails, post in FB (including groups) Whatsapp, messenger or text messages.
  4. 5th Mar Video editing workshop A basic and easy workshop to explain the basics of video editing, storage and uploading.
  5. 12th Mar Office: Word How to create, format and save as documents or templates
  6. 19th Mar Office: Excel Understanding Spreadsheets Introduction. Entering different data
  7. 26th Mar Office: Excel Using formulas and formatting to create a presentable document.
  8. 2nd Apr Buying and selling Online Safety and searching techniques How to use Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree etc. the basics of setting up an account. Moonpig and Funky pigeon (greeting cards) Jacquie Lawson?
  9. 9th Apr Online Communications Setting up and using Whatsapp, Skype, Viber
  10. 16th Apr TBC (requests please)

Each workshop venue may be re-arranged or changed depending on demand.

Golden nuggets

Not only is Kelvin offering his expertise to help members in workshops, but he is also adding an extra support service.

* Kelvin is in Oliva Monday and Friday mornings attending groups himself. But he will offer a drop-in help and support session, by prior arrangement only, Monday or Friday lunchtime. You need to contact him directly to make sure he stays in town.

* If you attend a workshop and still would like more help, ask Kelvin and he would do a house call or meet in a café.

* If you can’t attend a workshop due to other commitments, ask Kelvin if he can do a one-one session

* If you have a sudden issue that you don’t know how to solve; ask Kelvin via email phone or message and he could help you there and then. Even if he is back in the UK.

* If more than one person has similar problems, Kelvin would do a mini workshop.

All he asks is that you cover his fuel costs if he comes to meet you and maybe you will buy him a coffee. Kelvin loves helping and supporting people with IT and is also looking forward to meeting lots of new frien

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