Knit and Natter

Leader: Lynda Goy

Email:  Knit and Natter

Deputy Leader :  Jean Bell

Meetings every Tuesday at 15.00hrs

Venue: Fratelli Restaurant in Oliva


The Knit and Natter is an informal group, were chatting is positively encouraged, as well as the learning of new skills, whether it be knitting or crocheting. Lynda Goy, the leader is an experienced knitter and will help the members to learn or improve the skills they have.

Don’t think you need to have a knitting project on the go, because there will be patterns available for simple toys, or even squares, where the group can make and create items that can be given or sold for charity. As well as patterns we also have been given some wool, pins and hooks, so all you need is a smile and a few euro’s for coffee or a wine in thanks for Fratelli’s to allow us to use their wonderful premises.

We are happy to accept any U3A member into the group and look forward to meeting you. If you can natter, you are more than welcome.

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