Yoga Yoga Yoga


Saturday, 12. October 2019

16:00 - 17:00  

Beginners & Intermediates

==>    (we can only have one class, because there were not enough participants last time)


we have 4 sessions in October, so please bring 12€ 

(€3 per session, to be paid monthly in advance)

The San Francesc social centre in Oliva will be open for this holiday.

If you're interested, come and join our group.



It is the individual U3A members responsibility to ensure they have appropriate medical insurance for the activity they undertake. The U3A are not responsible for any accidents incurred during a group session.


Leader: Ulrike Missaghian

Teacher: Marta 

Email: Yoga Group

Telephone:  TBC

Meet at: San Francesc social centre in Oliva

Like to Join:

If interested and wish to join a class, please contact Ulrike before attending your first session.

The meetings will last an hour.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat, water and if you like a blanket,

The cost will be €3 per session and will be paid monthly in advance to the group leader or deputy.

When you come to your first class, you will be given a short medical questionnaire.

The meetings will consist of:

- basic Yoga exercises (often chair yoga)

- breathing techniques

- relaxation with aromatherapy (when possible)

- unlimited advice and help on the subject

Our teacher Marta gained her Hatha Yoga Teacher qualification in 2012 and since then she has been teaching both children and adults back in the UK. She has experience with vulnerable people, as well as with people with restricted mobility. She will introduce breathing techniques, relaxation and strengthening postures bearing in mind your possibilities.

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