Leader: Angela Town

Email: Salsa Group

Telephone:+44 78 6754 6710 (Free to use Whatsapp to call me)

Meet at: Padel Indoor Centre, La Marina Shopping Centre, Ondara

Meeting Dates: Monday 6-7pm


A new beginners group will restart in September if there is enough interest.


A new beginners group will restart in September if there is enough interest.

This group is for mainly for beginners, but as we learn to move those hips at the right time, we could open it up to include improvers. Even if you can Salsa, but interested in improving, come along. Anyone interested in joining in the fun, please email me. You are quite welcome to come and see what it is all about for a couple of weeks before signing your life away.

The sessions are in the dance studio at the Indoor Padel Centre, Ondara here is a link to help you find it, but please let me know if you need help.

It’s a big blue construction and a small door at the nearest end.

The centre has showers, changing rooms, a small café and is run by Enrique who speaks very good English and is extremely helpful. There is also a small but well stocked Gym if you want to warm up or cool down, which is free to use for all members.

The Salsa instructor is Eddy Ruben, who apparently runs many teaching and dancing sessions in Benidorm and is a trainer to some really good dancers. But don’t believe me, just come along and watch how he swings his hips to the beat. It is catching J


The cost for the general public is €30 a month for one weekly lesson. (45 for two weekly lessons Wednesday and Monday)

As a special concession for U3A members, Enrique has offered

€22 a month for 8 sign ups

€20 a month for 10 sign ups

And bigger discounts if more than 15 sign up. So help us keep the costs down and waistlines trim sign up today.

We could also try and arrange a car-share system once we have an established group.

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