Leader: Angela Town


Telephone:+44 78 6754 6710 (Free to use Whatsapp to call me)

Meet at: Padel Indoor Centre, La Marina Shopping Centre, Ondara

Meeting Dates: Wednesday 12noon to 13.30

I would love to hear from anyone who is interested in having a go or to play a game of padel.

Email me for more information if you are not sure what you are committing to. You are quite welcome to come and join in for a week or two before committing to the group. It is a great game and very good exercise. The game is a cross between tennis and squash and usually played with four people on a court.

I am offering the U3A members the opportunity to either have lessons or to join mix and match group games. They are held at the Indoor Padel Centre, Ondara here is a link to help you find it, but please let me know if you need help. It’s a big blue construction and a small door at the nearest end.

The centre has showers, changing rooms, a small café and is run by Enrique who speaks very good English and is extremely helpful. He is also one of the instructors. There is also a small but well stocked Gym if you want to warm up or cool down, which is free to use for all players.

Beginners and players welcome. At the moment there are two options, these may change as demand and experience grows.



Group Lesson up to 8 people @ €30 a month per person (one hour a week and then some playing time to practice what you have learned). This works out at approx. €7.50 a week, but sometimes there are 5 weeks in a month so you get a better deal.

I am going to be signing up for lessons for one month and then just play. I do need to study the rules as well:)


If you only want to turn up and play: Court hire is €18 and hour (although so far we have had the court for 1.5+ hours). The cost is shared by the players. If four people play that works out at €4.50 each. If more people turn up then it will be less and the players take it in turn to play games.

When you first start, Enrique is happy to lend you a bat/raquet or even padel, to play with. But he recommends that eventually you purchase your own and can order them for you through his office. He will explain about what is the best type and cost for you. There are also balls available, but you can take your own. He recommends good quality tennis balls.

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