Zumba Gold

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Leader: Nancy Benn

Teacher: Cristina

Email: Zumbagold

Telephone: 633 572 791

WhatsApp: +44 7810 638 531

Meet at: CPC Oliva

Meeting on: Friday

Time: 11:00am

During lockdown, we are holding our Friday classes online at 11.30am via Zoom. We have also started a Monday session, also at 11.30am.

Contact me if you would like to find out more and receive the link to join in either, or both these classes.  Cost €2 each session.

Why not join us for Zumba Gold? Not quite as energetic as the full Zumba, and you can put in as much energy as you wish, and stop and have a breather when needed.

It's a fun way to exercise and if you like dancing you'll really enjoy it. 

We have a great instructor,  great music (including some fabulous Spanish songs), great routines and do have a great time.

Cost €2-3 depending on how many people are in the class.

There is no pressure to be perfect we just laugh when we go wrong. So there's always plenty of that. It's a class for enjoyment not torture so why not  give us a try, and if you're still not sure just come along and watch to get an idea what it's all about

If you need any further information please do not hesitate to call me.


See if you can learn to Zumba to Proud Betty, but start with the warm up and easy steps first.

See some basic Zumba steps in this Youtube video here: https://youtu.be/tU7FBnNp1fE

A member also recorded Cristina demonstrating the moves to the Oliva U3A Zumba Gold group.  See 'Hit The Road Jack' and 'Proud Betty' here: shorturl.at/ijxVW

Remember: before you begin any exercise on your own, take the time to warm-up first by stepping gently and stretching out

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