Leader: Jonathan Knights


Telephone: 962853911

Meet at: Viva EspaƱa or Nikki's Lounge Bar.

Meeting Dates: Thursdays 14.30 during courses

This group is aimed at teaching beginners how to use and enjoy their cameras.
Until December 2017

If you wish to learn about your camera and how to use it then you need to contact the Group leader saying when you are available.  Teaching groups will be run as and when there are enough students i.e. 2-6 students.   The groups are kept small so that you can learn as rapidly as possible through personal teaching.

There will be 4-6 lesson weekly sessions where you get theory and practice with your camera. 
So you need to have a camera and a notebook to participate. At the end of the course you should be able to go away and be confident in how your camera works.

Course numbers are strictly limited to 4-6 people, so please try to commit to doing the whole course and not miss the weekly sessions. Tuition will be on your camera so that when you go away you can try out what you have learnt and bring back example images the next week.

If you want to attend this or future courses then please contact the group leader.

In 2017/8

The intention is to provide photo rambles for photographers. 

These rambles will be 1-4km and some will be very easy, others may require you to be a bit more agile.  I will try to identify the distance and difficulty of the walk before the event.
For these sessions you will need to have your camera, some water and good shoes for walking.

The intention is also to provide some demonstrations of photo editing software e.g. Photoshop, Lightroom and one or two other programs.   This will provide you with the opportunity to see what is possible by 'enhancing' your photos through selective editing.
If you want to learn more then you will need to have a laptop computer and be prepared to spend some time doing a little homework.

If you are interested in any of these courses then please contact the group leader.

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