Jazz Appreciation

Leader: Riaz Missaghian

This group has now a new leader, Jazz lover and ex-drummer Riaz Missaghian, who is looking forward to meeting old members of this Group and having new members joining.

Email: Jazz

Telephone:633 381 430

Meet at: CPC   

Meeting Date: 4th Monday of the month from 16:30 to 18:30 hours

We also would like to remind and invite all : Every first Sunday of the month there is a Jazz Concert followed by a Jazz Jam Session.  The concert starts at 8 pm but it would be better to be there earlier, at around 7:30 pm.  Free entrance.  Cafe Sendra, Trinitat 1, Ondara.

Jazz Appreciation encompasses all forms of Jazz from the days of Swing to Bebop, Cool Jazz and Latin Fusion.

Members requests and suggestions are invited and welcomed at every meeting, so whether you have a favourite instrumentalist, big band or singer your choice can be included in the Programme.

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