Leader:Phil and Julia Radford



Tues. 30th Aug.  LEVANTE 43.00**(inc. buggy)

Tues. 27th Sept.  IFACH  33.50**

Thurs. 20th Oct.  ALTEA GOLF  41.00**(inc. buggy)

Tues. 1st Nov.  FORESSOS  35.00**

Tues. 15th Nov.  LA GALLIANO  55.00**(inc. buggy)

Thurs. 1st Dec.  IFACH  33.00**

Tues. 13th Dec.  PONIENTE 39.00**(inc. buggy)

Thurs. 1st Jan.  ALTEA GOLF 41.00**(inc.buggy)

Tues. 31st Jan.  FORESSOS  35.00** 

Tues. 21st Feb. PONIENTE 39.00**(inc. buggy)

Thurs. 9th March ALTEA  TBA**(inc. buggy)

Tues.28th March LA GALLIANO 55.00**(inc. b.)

Tues. 2nd May OLIVA NOVA TBA**

Thurs. 25th May ALTEA TBA**(inc. buggy)

Tues. 13th June PONIENTE 39.00**(inc.buggy)

Thurs. 29th June IFACH  TBA**

**Approx. and includes 3 Euros Prize Money and 1.50 Euros Insurance.

All of us want to play golf as cheaply as possible! If you’re a bit rusty and haven’t played golf lately, get yourself and your clubs down to a driving range and let rip! Then, come and join us!

This year, we’ve put together a series of matches at some of the best courses on the Costa Blanca. Most of us do not have proper handicaps yet - (other than our swing!) We play at least once a month and the list of games 

(see Meeting Dates

let you decide, in advance, which ones you would like to play.

If you do not have a set of clubs, here in Spain, we have some to loan out for a small fee so:

Call Phil Radford on 966 406 732 or email

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