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If you like to listen to classical music, then you may like to come and join in with our group. It is very informal and we enjoy our meetings either listening to or discussing a composer and their history or background. Members are also encouraged to bring in a CD of a piece of music they like and to share their thoughts or to ask opinions.

We are open to any classical music tastes and look forward to learning of more.

The group has been active for 6-7 years, but numbers have diminished lately so we are now hoping to encourage some fresh blood and new ideas into our Monday afternoon sessions.

If you have any questions or would just like to pop in on a session to check us out, please do. or you could email for more information.

Do you like

Mozart, Beethoven, Bach or Chopin?

or may be you prefer something a little more British

Tallis, Purcell, or Byrd?

Whatever your tastes, you are welcome to join our group

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