Book Lovers

Leader:Pam O´Neill


Meet at: Café Falda de Loco, Oliva

Meeting Dates:2nd and 4th Friday 11:00-12.30


Our book of choice for October is Midwinter Break by Bernard Maclaverty.  This is a very powerful, soulful, intimate tale showing the effects and damage that a long term relationship can have on the parties involved. In some ways this book presents itself as a depressing read, yet cannot it also offer hope?

Relationships, and love within a marriage change, people need to be aware that as we grow older the way that we interact with our surroundings and the people we love the most never remains or indeed cannot remain the same...."What was love but a lifetime of conversations. And silences. Knowing when to be silent. Above all, knowing when to laugh".... Midwinter Break is informative, enjoyable and highly recommended.

Our choice for November is Silence by Shusaka Endo.  This is a straightforward narrative which tells the story of the persecution of Roman Catholics (both Japanese and foreign priests) in the time of the establishment of the Shogunate which united Japan for the first time. Previous to that, for generations, there had been the time of the warring states.

The change is summarised in a Japanese saying –

(Oda) Nobunaga mixed the dough.

(Toyotomi) Hideyoshi baked the cake.

(Tokugawa) Ieyasu ate it.

Simplistically, Nobunaga began the process of unification, Hideyoshi consolidated it and Ieyasu took over on the death of Hideyoshi. The Tokugawa shogunate brought two centuries of peace and development by isolating the country from all outside interference. This lasted until the 1860s, at which time the Western powers forced Japan to open their ports to trade by bombarding Japanese cities and towns from the sea.

Two very different books that should lead to lively discussion.

We meet every two weeks and alternate with a book swap,  where members exchange books we have read and think others may enjoy.

Our meeting are held at the Cafe Falda de Loco in Oliva at 11.00am on Fridays.  If you interested,please phone Pam on 962855710


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