Leader:Alan Robinson

Email: Badminton


Meet at:Polideportivo Oliva

Meeting Dates:Friday 09:00-11:00

We are always pleased to see new and returning players whether  you haven’t played since your school days or have never played before and are keen to see if Badminton is for you. With this in mind I’d love to hear from you or even more pleased for you to join us on Friday morning.

During the two years since the Badminton Group was introduced as a U3A activity collectively we’ve created a wonderfully positive social learning environment.  The group is highly supportive of all its members no matter whether or not they have previous experience of playing Badminton. 

We are fortunate to have two qualified coaches and a number of very experienced members so we’re able to help members gain the most from each session.  We place an emphasis on playing games with as wide a variety of partners each week in a friendly atmosphere.

We meet regularly throughout the year and have negotiated a playing fee of 2 Euros per person per hour which is paid on the days that you take part in the sessions.

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