Spanish Advanced

Leader: Pauline Hammond

Email: Advanced Spanish


Meet at:Centro Parroquial Fray Humilde de Soria,C/Virgen de la Mare de Deu del Rebollet, Oliva  Directions to Activity Rooms

Meeting Dates: Monday Morning 11:45-12:45 

We are a group of ten or twelve moderately good Spanish speakers, keen to improve our conversational skills. We employ Maria, a native Speaker who has lived in England and speaks excellent English, when absolutely necessary, and also understands what we are trying to say when we get our tenses tangled up and our subjunctives submerged in a surplus of syllables. We do our best to keep the Spanish flowing and along with the conversation we do some book exercises to improve our vocabulary and, with occasional forays into the further reaches of the grammatical niceties, we make steady progress in our pursuit of the perfectly formed sentence. By leaps and bounds of the imagination we may stray from the theme that Maria chooses for us to expound upon but she usually manages to drag us back to the topic five minutes before the end of the lesson, and we all wonder where the last hour has gone to.

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