Group Leader: Terry Stuart


Mobile: 631 656 525

Meet: Every 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month.

Joint Amblers & Walking Groups Events will be held on a Wednesday.

Amblers Calendar 2019

April 9th, Gandia wetlands.

Gandia wetlands 2019.pdf

April 23rd, Bellus, Cancelled

May 14th, Bellus.

May 28th, Playa Terranova.


Amblers meet every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month from late September to Mid May.

Our walks are designed to be easy on mostly flat roads or tracks.

The walks last between 2 & 3 hrs with breaks for drinks of water & taking pictures of the beautiful countryside.

We normally meet up in the morning at Cafe/Bar for a coffee then start walk. After walk we will have lunch at a restaurant close by to end of walk. If a suitable restaurant is not available we will have a picnic on the walk.

Please contact the leader if you wish to join our group.


April 2019 Amble

Gandia La Safor Marjals/Wetlands with a picnic at Alquria del Duc.

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