Press and Publicity Officer

Hello everyone. I’m very happy to have been voted onto our committee and look forward to becoming more involved and meeting as many members as I can.

I’m from Northampton (a big Saints fan) and on meeting Eric in 2009, gave up work and have since travelled fairly extensively on long yearly road trips; including a year in the USA, and eighteen months covering NZ, Australia and South Africa.

After visiting a few places in Spain, we settled on Oliva due to its relaxed, but rich cultural lifestyle, and enjoy living in the Playa area. I enjoy reading, writing and lazy days with friends, as well as continually investigating the local area. I love finding new treasure spots; so if you can recommend any or just want a chat please stop me and say hello.

Our Press Liaison / Publicity Officer is Angela Town 

Please send me your interesting items and Group Activity reports. I need to know what is coming up as well as any past events. Please tell me anything you think any members or the general public might be interested in knowing about. be proud of your groups and achievements. All publicity is good publicity:)

I can help promote your events. Attend events to take pictures. 

The Local Newspapers / Radio

Facebook (if you can not upload these yourself)

The Voice; I can pass it all on to the President to include..

On receipt of your article I will send or upload as appropriate.

Thank you.

My contact details are :

Email: Press Officer

Telephone:  +44 7867546710 (you can contact me through WhatsApp)

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