History and Appreciation of Art

Leader: Robert Sedgley



Meet at:CPC Oliva

Meeting Dates: First Monday of the month

4.30pm to 6.30pm beginning October. 

The Group Meetings will be divided into three sections:

1) A chronological survey of western art.

Eg, Pre historic and antique, Classical Greek and Roman, Medieval and Pre Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, High Renaissance and Venetian, Northern (Flemish and German), Post Renaissance (Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo), British Art, Eighteenth and Nineteenth century France etc. Impressionists and early development of modern art. 

This is an immense field so it would be only a brief glance at each period. It would be treated in a very flexible manner so if members wished to spend more or less time on any specific period or artist this could be accommodated. There will inevitably be more gaps in the fabric than covering material.

Time about 45 mins.

2) Taking one or two examples from the period covered and  comparing it with a piece from another time or culture. Eg A primitive sculpture with a Picasso.

3) A member to present a work from any time or place which interests/mystifies/attracts/repels them and would like to talk about, and get everyone else talking about. For this section I would need to know the choice a week before to give me time to find an example and research it. 

I see these meetings primarily as a discussion group and would hope for plenty of input of ideas and opinions from other members. 

Most artworks these days can be found and downloaded from the internet, gone are the days of slides and jammed projectors. So I will be projecting onto a screen from my computer. However, if any members have pictures in books or an actual artwork which they would like to bring along that would be fine.

If you would like to join our group please send me an email.

Robert Sedgley

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