History and Appreciation of Art

Leader: Robert Sedgley

Email: History & Appreciation of Art


Meet at: CPC Oliva

Meeting Dates: First Monday of the month 

4.30pm to 6.30pm beginning October.

The Group Meetings will be divided into three sections:

1) A chronological survey of western art.

Eg, Pre historic and antique, Classical Greek and Roman, Medieval and Pre Renaissance, Italian Renaissance, High Renaissance and Venetian, Northern (Flemish and German), Post Renaissance (Mannerism, Baroque and Rococo), British Art, Eighteenth and Nineteenth century France etc. Impressionists and early development of modern art. 

This is an immense field so we will be taking only a brief glance at each period. The survey is treated in a very flexible manner so if members wish to spend more or less time on any specific period or artist this can be accommodated. There will inevitably be more gaps in the fabric than covering material. 

The meetings are very informal and members are encouraged to contribute their own views and opinions of what we are looking at.

2) Taking a theme from the period covered we compare how artists of other times or cultures have dealt with the topic. 

3) A member will present a work from any time or place which interests/mystifies/attracts/repels them and would like to talk about, and get everyone else talking about. 

MARCH Meeting: REALISM: Courbet, Corot,

The Barbizon School - Millet, Rousseau - and other 'realist' artists 

NB. the next meeting will be on the 4th. March


33 photo(s) Updated on: 08 Jun 2018
  • WOODCUT Book illustration of the Hortus Sanitatis lapidary
  • WOODCUT Durer, Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse c1496
  • WOODCUT Hiroshige, Morning Mist
  • WOODCUT Félix Vallotton, La raison probante (The Cogent Reason), 1898
  • WOODCUT Kirchner, Portrait of Otto Müller 1915
  • WOOD ENGRAVING Bewick, Barn Owl 1797-1804
  • WOOD ENGRAVING Leslie, Illustrated Newspaper 1883
  • WOOD ENGRAVING Eric Gill, Eve 1929
  • LINOCUT James Dodds, Maldon Shipwrights
  • LINOCUT Picasso, Jacqueline 1962
  • ENGRAVING Durer, St. Jerome in his Study 1514
  • ETCHING Norblin, Ecce Homo, copper etching plate and print,
  • ETCHING Rembrandt, Self Portrait
  • ETCHING Rembrandt, The Three Crosses 1653
  • RELIEF ETCHING AND MONOTYPE Blake, Visions of the Daughters of Albion
  • ETCHING WITH AQUATINT Goya, No one can help them c1810
  • MEZZOTINT Peter Ilsted - Sunshine Falling on a Door
  • STEEL ENGRAVING Trinity College c1840
  • DRYPOINT Lesser Ury, Woman in Cafe
  • DRYPOINT Stanisław Masłowski, Portrait of Artist's Wife c.1905
  • DRYPOINT COMBINED WITH AQUATINT Mary Cassatt, The Bath 1890-91
  • MONOTYPE Castiglione, The Creation of Adam c1642
  • MONO PRINT Degas, Three Ballet Dancers
  • MONO PRINT Allen Jones, Spice Island 1986
  • LITHOGRAPH Charles Marion Russell's The Custer Fight 1903
  • LITHOGRAPHIC STONE with a view of Princeton University
  • LITHOGRAPH Bellows, In the Park, Light 1916
  • LITHOGRAPH Toulouse Lautrec, Moulin Rouge, La Goulue 1891
  • LITHOGRAPH Munch, Self Portrait with Skeleton Arm
  • LITHOGRAPH Ernst Haeckel, Sea anemones from Kunstformen der Natur (Artforms of Nature), 1904
  • SILK SCREEN Henry Moore, Wall Hanging 1947
  • SILK SCREEN Andy Warholl, Marylin

Illustrated notes from previous meetings


NB. Some of the files take a little time to download. 

This is because they need to be large enough to carry pictures of sufficient resolution to be viewed in focus. Please be patient.

If you would like to join our group please send me an email.

Robert Sedgley

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