Craft Beer Appreciation

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Group: Craft Beer Appreciation

Monthly: Venue to be advertised 3 days before

Group Contact:

Group Leader required:

Teacher: Maarten

Day: TBC which evening

Time: TBC

Over the past decade there has been a surge in new micro-breweries bringing with them a vast range of new craft beers. People from the UK will probably know these craft ales as Real Ales, meaning they are drawn with gravity rather than gas. The life of a real ale is short, because it has fewer additives and is kept in kegs rather than bottles; they are usually stored in non-refrigerated cellars. They are also extremely hard to export, while keeping them fresh and at their best. They need a few days to settle before drinking to allow any sediment to clear.

Along come the entrepreneurs who want to create new beers and sell them far afield, which is why they create beers especially for bottles. The USA have practically cornered the market in IPA type beers, but are now experimenting with many more…which is good news for us. The rest of the world is catching up and the strong European beers are now back in favour with plenty of more varieties to try.


This group is all about trying new beers, sharing the ones you like with the rest of the group and discussing the flavours and well…basically anything you want.

Maarten, who is a beer expert, and brews his own, is very keen to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with other beer drinkers, and will quite happily meet the group in a different bar and talk about the different types of beers and cider. He is extremely informed and qualified on the subject, plus it is another excuse for time-out drinking a few beers and chatting with friends.

The first session will be held at his home, where you can take and share a couple of your favorite beers while you get to know your group-mates. Then between you, decide where the next meet will be. Maarten will quite happily organize local brewery tours or days out if needed, in between the monthly sessions. He is a very social person and loves to talk beer.

If you are interested in joining this group, please email and I will keep you informed of the meeting date, time and venue.  


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