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Ajuntament d'Oliva

September 4 at 5:00 PM  · 

⭕ From the Public Health area of the

Ajuntament d'Oliva

in collaboration with the city's health and health services it is reported that now there are a total of 48 active cases in our city.

  Traceability has been done to all people who have had contact with positive cases; besides those who have been able to demonstrate symptoms. In our city, 219 PCR tests have been done, of which 36 have been positive, the rest of the cases detected in the district hospital.

❗ From the Health Center they inform that despite the number of positive cases it is controlled nuclei, all citizens are reminded of the obligation to use the mask and demand prudence in the celebration of family gatherings.


The ALARM STATE period has been EXTENDED until 26th April !!!

The President of the Government, after holding a meeting with the scientific committee, has decided that we all must make an extra effort and remain at home until the date stated.

The president will explain this decision to all citizens at about 03.00 pm. You will be able to watch it live in the main Spanish News channels or on FB;

Kind regards

Mick Goy



Firstly Important Information for any member who cannot go out to shop or get medicine. The Oliva Town Hall has issued a telephone number for their social service who offer a shopping and medicine collection service among other things. 

Home Service:Intended for elderly people and vulnerable groups:

- Purchase of food and medicines 

- Providing essential services

Telephone: 962852662092

If need this service and cannot speak Spanish and would like someone to call and liaise on you behalf then please call Kathleen on 618507228  She has kindly offered to help members in need. If anyone else can assist please contact me. Unfortunately Denise, the Almoner cannot get back from the UK, so I am helping her out.

Please find attached here some credible, very good, basic and sensible advice/information for help keeping you, your home and food stuff virus free written by a professor. It is long but worth reading to the bottom.

Keeping Busy

After a very good response to the Homework email I thought I would keep the helpful information and tasks coming to keep everyone busy. Please do email me if you have any ideas you would like to share. There were a few teething problems, one was an issue downloading the quiz, so I have attached as a jpg because the original was a PDF and a very large file. Quiz1 copy.jpg

Secondly a few people had a problem linking to the survey, so here is the direct URL if you haven't already completed it, please can you do it in the next few days. we have had a great response but this is your change to have your say. every voice counts.  don't forget you could win a meal for two.

And I apologise for all those members who do not live in Oliva about the writing challenge;. of course you can change the starting words,(as mentioned in my last email) to include the town or village in which you live. Please do have a go. I would love to create a booklet of stories.

I have been busy contacting some of the  group leaders and asking for a Lockdown Challenge which we can share with members. A lot of the challenges and information is available on the Group pages, the challenge though is open to all members regardless if you are a member of that group or not.

So let's find out what you can do so far?

Line Dancing: Step by step videos of an easy routine. This could be a fun way to help with exercise problems during the lockdown. Find out more here Line Dancing

Photography: Will suggest a topic  and theme and using your camera or mobile phone you send in the best photo you have taken, Find out more here Photography

Knit and Natter: Links for learning how to cast on, knit and cast off and a challenge to knit a scarf for children at El Bastidor School. Find out more here Knit & Natter

Zumba: has some great moves for you to try...but warm up first Zumba

Sing and Play: Music and words for you to learn. Why not make an instrument to play? Sing and Play

 I hope there will be more challenges to come, especially now the lockdown has been extended another two weeks. It is a good time to learn Spanish. My teacher is offering skype conversation or lessons if anyone is interested contact me.

Keep Safe.                                   


 Angela Town 



Do's & Dont's Guidlines


Do remember we can all be infected with this virus, show no symptoms and YET be highly infectious to other people and our surroundings – always keep your distance – a minimum of 6ft/2m

Do take additional precautions to reduce risks to one another and places and people if you can go out from your home - avoid crowded shops and public transport

Do remember there may be many people who are completely unknowingly spreading the virus – and even if ‘they’ don't cough and sneeze in your face, they may well be leaving the virus on any public surfaces they are touching

Do take additional precautions to protect yourself from these public ‘high touch’ surfaces – surfaces touched by many people and where an increasing number of those people will have become infected.

Do think carefully and recognise these many high-touch, high risk, public surfaces – such as door handles, shop counters, card readers, shopping baskets and trolleys, petrol pumps, money – both used notes and coins, items on shelves in shops……… and so on

Do protect your hands when you leave your home/garden from unknowingly picking up viruses by wearing gloves – you can wash these free from virus when you get home – or if disposable gloves wear and throw

Do get new habits in place now – if you leave your home, put on gloves… when you come back home take them and your outdoor shoes off – [ the ground is a very large public space and can be high touch if crowds have walked on it].

Do wash your hands when you come in – soap on your hands for 20s will kill any virus

Do wipe down shopping, your purse and bag and money brought into the home before you put it away – use Miltons. alcohol wipes or diluted cleaning brands – and wash your hands afterwards


Don't assume because you know your family and friends and anyone you meet….. that you can ignore the do’s……..!!

Don't assume because you go to the same shop regularly you can ignore the do’s

Don’t get fed up with taking precautions

Don’t put yourself at risk

Don't put your friends and family and everyone else at risk


And a final ‘do’ – if or when you happen to meet someone today, smile at them – a smile is more infectious than a virus


Information to help keep you safe



This is a follow up to the email I sent to you yesterday which was unfortunately in Spanish. 

My thanks go to one of our member who has translated this for us into PDF, I am now sending this to you in English. Please click this link to go to the English version of this important information.

  Kind regards

    Mick Goy




British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, recorded a video message for UK nationals explaining the implications of the state of emergency for both residents and tourists. He also thanked the Spanish authorities saying: “A big thank you to the Spanish authorities, in particular the healthcare professionals, for all the great work they are doing to help keep everyone in Spain – of all nationalities – safe, in circumstances that are very challenging indeed.” You can view the video at :

I hope this helps you during this difficult time, I will send further useful information to you when it is received.

Kind regards

    Mick Goy




From tonight, all bars, restaurants, and event centers in the Valencia comunidad must close TONIGHT from midnight. They have no choice.

Supermarkets are not going to be closed.

A state of alarm has been announced for the next 15 days by the Prime Minister. 

For now please remember if you have any of the symptoms then call the helpline do not go to the hospital or doctors - 900 300 555.President Pedro Sanchez has now officially declared Spain to be in a state of emergency. Starting from tomorrow, the government is able to limit circulation of people, intervene in businesses and temporarily seize assets. This has been approved by Congress for a maximum of 15 days and must be taken into action immediately. There is always the possibility that these 15 days become extended, if approved by parliament.

This constitutional measure has been especially crafted in case of medical emergencies. It involves being able to monitor human circulation, temporarily seizing assets, intervening in industries and business, limiting or rationing the use of services of and goods. This state of alarm has been decreed for the whole of the national territory.

Once the state of emergency is activated the Government is in its right to:

Limit the circulation and continuity of people or vehicles during specific hours and in certain places, or condition these to adapt themselves to certain requisites.

Temporarily intervene in industries, factories, workshops, farms or premises of any nature with the exception of private homes.

Limit or ration the use of services and/or the consumption of high necessity products

Issue the necessary orders to ensure the supply of the markets and the operation of affected centres.tal AV Antivirus


Maureen Terry




Further to my email to all Group Leaders yesterday regarding the suspension of all Group activities until further notice.

I wish to confirm that in the interest of the health of our members no Group sessions are to take place until further notice. Please do not rearrange a group meeting to take place in an alternative venue or members home if your normal venue is closed.

Your co-operation in this urgent matter is required as I am informed this morning there is a suspected case in both the Denia and Gandia Hospitals.

My ultimate objective is to ensure every member stays safe and well.

Kind regards

Mick Goy




I wish to advise you all that we have CANCELLED the March Monthly Meeting in the light of the present situation regarding the Coronavirus here in the Valencia region

The reason behind this decision is to ensure the safety of you our members and the unknown ongoing situation over the coming few weeks. 

I hope you all will stay safe and well and further information regarding our April meeting will be sent to you during early April

Kind regards

Mick Goy




I totally agree with the contents of Angela's email regarding Groups and the fast moving situation with the Coronavirus in the Valencia region and Oliva.

Our objective in asking all our Group Leaders to cancel their Group activities, is to ensure we keep our members safe and from any possibility of contracting the Coronavirus during a Group meeting. 

When Angela says in her email (for the time being) I would ask you to cancel your Group activities until further notice. We will monitor the situation closely during the coming weeks and when we are advised it is safe to resume all Groups we will advise you without delay.

Kind regards

Mick Goy


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