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Group Leader - Ulrike Missaghian

Teacher/Chef: Riaz Missaghian

Email - Cookery

Phone - 633 381 430

Venue - Pego /Urb. Monte Pego (private place)

U3A Cookery Session 

Teacher: Riaz Missaghian

Location: Monte Pego (private house)


Limited places, due to the venue. 

If you like to cook with us and have an enjoyable day, please send me an email to book your place. (Name, Email, Mobil/Tel.).

Anyone who books this course, needs to be committed to joining us on the day! We need to buy all the ingredients beforehand and we don't want to waste any food. 

If you need a lift from Oliva to Monte Pego, please let us know and we try to arrange.

Even the worst cook can do a bangers and mash. For exotic they might even add some baked beans.

This group is for people who would like to learn how to cook a variety of different, interesting dishes. You would undoubtedly improve your culinary skills. You should be able to surprise your guests when entertaining, showcasing the exotic dishes you have perfected.

We should have fun whilst learning with and from the other members. At same time we would have the pleasure of not only cooking but enjoying our delicious food afterwards. 

So, would you like to learn how to cook interesting dishes, have fun with other members whilst you improve your culinary skills and enjoy delicious food afterwards?  Would you like to surprise your guests with exotic dishes when entertaining?

If the forgoing is something you would enjoy, then join this group and learn with Riaz. 


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