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Group Contact: (temporary)

Group Leader and Deputy required (please register your interest)

Venue/Place: TBC

Monthly Meeting TBC, but possibly Monday or Thursday afternoon

Time TBC

This group is for members who would like to learn more about social responsibility through discussion, speakers and action. In other words taking your social responsibility to the next level, not just talking about issues, but helping to make the world a better place step by step.

We had a great turnout of 9 members willing to help clean the beach on Saturday 28th - you can see some of the detritus we cleared!

This is a very good example of how a U3A Community Group could support the local community. 

Social Responsibility covers a wide agenda, from international topics, like climate change to supporting your local community through volunteering or other actions.

This is not a group just for discussion or complaining about local issues. This group is about finding ways where we, the citizens of Oliva, Spain and the world can help to improve the world around us.

If you are a member of the Oliva Tattler FB group, you cannot help but notice how many posts, replies and grumbles there are about local issues. Every few weeks the same issues get renewed, discussed Then they vanish. If you want to step up your commitment to see what can be done then this group is for you. Or maybe you wish to protect our sea from plastic items. Or perhaps you want to volunteer for something apart from working in a charity shop?  There is plenty you can offer your community and world, so email now to register your interest in this group.

How I see this group evolving

  • This group will belong to the members. The leader and deputy will help facilitate meetings and delegate tasks etc. 
  • There will be a small monetary contribution at each monthly meeting (1Euro per person). This will be used for any costs occurred for our topic campaigns; e.g. photocopying, printing etc. Any unused money at the end of the year will be donated to a charity or good cause.
  • At the first monthly meeting, after discussion, we will vote on what issues we think are most important to follow up on or research further- local, national or international.  
  • The members will then be split into smaller ‘topic/issues groups for further discussion and come up with a Plan of Action for their nominated topic. These smaller groups will take ownership for their topic throughout the year (or until that avenue has been accomplished or exhausted).
  • Each smaller group will nominate or elect a spokesperson, who will relay back to the main group their ideas on how to move forward.
  • The Topic smaller groups can arrange their own meetings, contact, updates throughout the month and then feedback progress or problems at the next meeting.

The Monthly Group meeting will also be used for discussion of new topics, Speakers/ talks/videos etc. and planning.  

As a footnote: I understand that some members may wish to join, but are unable to commit to the time of the monthly meeting. This may not exclude you from the group, as long as you are willing to participate and join in with one of the smaller groups where possible.

The first thing the members of this group need to decide at the initial meeting is what to call the group?

Some initial ideas; please feel free to suggest your own.

Social Responsibilities

Socially responsible

Community Investment

Community Action

Community Benefit

Not just your voice

Voices united

Community Call

Opportunity Knocks

Walking on the right side

Social Impact discussion and action

Social Investment

Goodwill (in the community)

We can do better? or Can we do better? Discuss

We are all stakeholders

The Oliva U3A Community Action Group

Invest and Return

Community Knocks

Couch Potatoes Not allowed

Current Affairs: Discussion and Action  (CADA)

Local and International Current Affairs: Discussion and Action  (LICADA)

Community Spirit,  

Action not words, 

Action within the Community, 

The Community and More

Don't Just Sit There!

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